by | Nov 26, 2021

On Wednesday the 10th of November, a part of the DBO International’s team was in Senegal for some important things!

Mr. Benoit Boucher, its president and founder was there with the general manager, the chief engineer and its financial director to meet up with the direction with l’Office Nationale de l’Assainissement du Sénéral (ONAS) to discuss some important upcoming projects and to inaugurate the latest System O)) installation in the village of Coki.

The team was also received by the Société d’Aménagement Foncier et de Rénovation Urbaine (SAFRU S.A.). Seduced by the treatment results and the many advantages of the System O)) solutions, the organisation wanted to discuss some important projects to come.

This trip to Senegal was concluded by the visit and official inauguration of the second System O)) installation in the country, this time with the support of the Ministère des Relations Internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec (MRIF) in the context of the Bilateral cooperation Quebec-Senegal. Multiple local journals, TV channel and journalists was there to capture this event with a great interest.

This installation with a daily treatment capacity of 2 m³/day (2 000/L day) receives every day the wastewater coming from the vacuum trucks emptying the multiple septic tanks in the village of Coki. In addition to treating the wastewater without using any energy, no noise or odour and without maintenance or chemical addition needs, this installation allows the treated water collection for a reuse in a garden producing citrus, okras, and beans.

Being this second installation of the kind in Senegal, brings high hopes of a great future in Senegal for DBO International with a lot of sanitation projects come.

Completely aligned with the Goal #6 of the United Nation Development Programme (UNPD) “being to Going Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all” (UNDP, 2021), we can all have high hopes of a great future !