Frequently Asked Questions

What is SYSTEM O))?

Solutions for treatment and reuse of wastewater. For unserviced residential or commercial, community and institutional projects.

Regardless of your enviroment, we have the most ecologically, cost-effective, and long-lasting solution for any geography and climate situation. Each System O)) solution is optimized by a passive secondary treatment technology.

What are the advantages of this technology?

  • 100% organic and autonomous
  • No electricity required
  • No mechanics
  • No continuous maintenance
  • No odor
  • No noise
  • No chemical additives
  • No waste discharge (sludge)
  • No filter media replacement

Several other reuse options :

  • Irrigation
  • Toilet flushing
  • Roadways
  • Car wash
  • Extinguishing device ï Sports (snow gun, golf)
  • Industrial use
  • Groundwater recharge

What are the various solutions for tertiary treatment?

  • Passive disinfection
  • Disinfection by UV ou chlorinator
  • Dephosphatation by ionization, polymerization, coagulation or passive
  • Denitrification

Where can we install System O))?

  • Residential developments
  • Base camps
  • Accommodations (hotel, motel)
  • Roadside stops
  • Mines
  • Villages
  • Seasonal applications
  • Agrifoods industries

System O)) is safe for the environment and adapts to all situations. It can be installed near a school or under a parking lot, a playground or a garden without any health risk while respecting the landscape aesthetics

No remplacement of filtering media, why ?

Most environmentally friendly wastewater treatment technologies use a biological treatment process, which is a place where bacteria can establish themselves, feed on pollutants in the water and reproduce. The bacteria metabolize the pollutants to create sludge in an anaerobic mode. For some technologies, these bacterial growth areas, called filtering media, require additional maintenance and costs to replace.

System O)) solutions based on Advanced Enviro))Septic technology that are designed, installed and used according to the guidelines are sustainable. The fine green particles around the pipes that allow bacterial growth are permanent. The system does not require any remplacement of filtering media or components and no cleaning is required. The technology as been around since 1987. We see Systems that were installed more than 35 years ago are seen in perfect condition and treating wastewater with the same efficiency today as it did in the beginning.

Two phenomena are at the origin of this long life expectancy : the controlled growth of a bacterial mat (“biomat”) due to aeration andtreatment of water before its infiltration and a natural management of sludge inside the pipes.

The curious scientists among you can find a document “infoDBO” explaining these biological mechanisms on our website via this link:

In summary

We find through the technology aerobic and anaerobic environments, that is, in the presence or absence of oxygen: wastewater enters the Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes in waves according to the use of water in the house. The water is gradually drained by infiltration, controlled by the pipes and the filtered sand surrounding them. These fluctuations force the bacteria in the pipes to alternate between different living environments. These continuous changes ensure that there is no sludge build-up in the pipes.

Another advantage of a System O)) solution is that it is a completely open ecosystem to nature. A multitude of indigenous organisms, such as insects, but also some roots, access the Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes. These therefore participate significantly in the reduction of biomass and the removal of sludge and minerals contained within the pipes.

Average life span

In Quebec (Canada), after more than 339,254 piezometer inspections conducted during the year 2000 to 2021, the technology behind the System O)) is the best approach in terms of sustainability and purification performance on the market.

What is a piezometer? A piezometer is a tool within the septic system that allows you to evaluate the water level in each row of pipes.

You will be able to see in this graph that 99.07% of the water levels in the piezometers of all our facilities inspected in 2021 were in normal conditions. A normal situation is indicated when the water level in the pipes, measured through the piezometer at the end of each row of pipes, is between 0 and 230 mm.

You read that right, more than 99.07% of the piezometers inspected in 2021 illustrate a perfectly normal water level.

These results significantly indicate that the owners of these facilities had no out-of-pocket costs for part repairs or filtering media replacements.

System O)) Solutions that are designed, installed and used in accordance with the guidelines are sustainable!

For abnormal cases, DBO accompanied the customer in solving the problem without additional fees.

Garantee or transparency?

What is important to understand about guarantees of components, filtering sand and performance.

Technology guarantee

Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes are guaranteed for 20 years by the manufacturer. Being the simplest system on the market, there are no other components necessary for the proper functioning of the biological process besides the filtering sand.

Filtering sand guarantee

The filtered sand wraps the Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes and completes proper water treatment so that they can then safely integrate nature. Only a laboratory-issued grain size can guarantee the quality of the filtering sand. We already require this grain size from the installer for every System O)) installation.

Performance guarantee

The technology has gone through lengthy benchmarking processes in order to certify the treatment quality. Treatment results exceed established norms and standards, and if you follow the recommendations in the user guide, the system will always perform well.

Clogging/sealing guarantee

While all water treatment systems produce sludge, only System O)) will reintroduce them harmoniously into nature’s cycles.

In summary

Because of the simplicity and lack of mechanical parts or filtering media replacement of System O)) with Advanced Enviro))Septic technology, there is no maintenance for a secondary treatment system.

Is it possible to reuse wasterwater?

Yes, imagine an autonomous and passive sanitation system offering purification performances that exceed established standards, allowing the recovery of treated water for appropriate reuse.

Maximize the reuse of treated water to supply a garden or a green space.

Does the system generate noise?

No, there is no mechanical system, the ventilation is done naturally and does not generate any noise.

Is the system expandable?

Yes, it is possible to add pipes to the system in accordance with the growing needs of a growing household, community, institution or business.

Are there any odours?

A chimney effect, between the roof vent and the system’s ventilation, draws out odours, mainly from the septic tank. If there are odours, they could be coming from a clogged roof vent (e.g. from snow and ice), or from winds that could push the roof vent downward. These situations would occur regardless of the type of septic system used. Solutions are already in place to face such situation.

Download the full version of the « Septic Guide for the Skeptics ».