Performance – Certifications and Accreditations

by | May 30, 2024

Through our regular infoDBO updates, we strive to keep you informed about the latest advancements and achievements of our septic solutions. This particular edition will delve into the remarkable results obtained during testing by various certification bodies, as well as recent validations of our technology by authorities and entities worldwide.

We are particularly proud to announce that System O)) fully complies with Solar Impulse standards for sustainability and profitability, earning it the prestigious Solar Impulse label in January 2024. This certification underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence, as well as our contribution to a greener and more sustainable future.

Explore the impressive performance of System O)) and the certifications that strengthen our position as a leader in sustainable solutions. Welcome to the world of System O)), where excellence and sustainability are at the heart of our mission.


Throughout this history, DBO International has built a strong experience and unparalleled expertise, supported by prestigious certifications that attest to its leadership and commitment to excellence in the field of water treatment. It was evident that the technology at the heart of all System O)) solutions deserved thorough study for the benefit of all.

2000 : Establishment of DBO Expert, launching the commercialization of Enviro))Septic technology in Canada, developed in partnership with Presby Environmental Inc.

2004 : Obtaining advanced secondary treatment certification according to Quebec standard NQ 3680-910.

2005 : Introduction of the technology in Ontario and Western provinces.

2010 : Certification according to European standard NE-12566-A3 after testing at CEBEDEAU, a water research center in Belgium.

2012 : Establishment of DBO International for global commercialization, with a first subsidiary in France.

2014 : Expansion of distribution in Africa (Algeria, Morocco) and Europe (Spain).

2017 : Introduction of the technology in South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East through pilot projects.

2018 : Launch of System O)) with its many certified treatment solutions.

2020 : Obtaining the Solar Impulse label.

2021 : Distribution in more than 15 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

2024 : System O)) receives the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label for the second time!

Results table

By presenting some of these results obtained during testing, we can concretely demonstrate how System O)) treatment solutions exceed established standards for water quality and environmental protection. These results can also underscore the efficiency and reliability of the technology employed by System O)) to address specific water treatment challenges encountered in various contexts and applications.

Certifications and approvals

The technology is renowned for its outstanding performance due to several key features that have earned it these certifications and approvals:
Advanced Treatment: It employs an advanced treatment process that surpasses conventional standards for wastewater treatment. It is capable of effectively removing a wide variety of contaminants and pollutants present in wastewater.
Robust Design: Systems are designed robustly to ensure maximum efficiency in various environmental conditions. Their carefully studied design guarantees reliable and durable performance in the long term.
Adaptability: The technology is adaptable to different types of environments and specific needs. It can be configured to adapt to geographic, climatic, and waste flow constraints specific to each site, thus ensuring optimal efficiency regardless of the context.
In summary, the technology integrated into System O)) solutions complies with the most rigorous standards for wastewater treatment. Its performance has been validated by a series of certifications and approvals issued by internationally renowned organizations. Here is a detailed list of these recognitions:

Canada – CAN / BNQ 3680-600 for the treatment and disinfection of residential wastewater. CAN / NQ 3680-910 advanced secondary treatment and disinfection in Quebec for small (0.5 m3/day) and large projects (over 2,000 m3/day)

France – Ministerial approvals, issued by the Minister of State, the Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, and the Minister of Solidarity and Health : (n° 2019-008, n° 2019-009) for drained and non-drained installations. Technical opinion issued by the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) : (n° 17.1/18-333_V3)

United States – National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) 40 Class I standards, Certificate #3U460-01 (09/22/09)

Europe – CE Marking, Compliant with NE 12566-A3

Belgium and Luxembourg – Belgium Flanders Benor : Batch system 0 to 50 EH : CRT/017-KW Belgium Walloon Region SPW : (5 to 20 EH : N°2017/12/206/A 21 to 50 EH : N°2017/12/207/A)

Showcase projects

Our technology has already proven its performance beyond doubt. However, many countries now require pilot projects in their own territory to directly observe the benefits of our solutions in their specific geographical environment. This approach offers a significant advantage as it allows for tangible demonstration of the benefits of our technology to potential future clients. There is nothing more convincing than seeing the results for oneself, which strengthens the credibility of our technology.


Rest assured, we have proven ourselves! The treatment performances exceed established norms and standards.

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