The different System O)) solutions are optimized by a technology that revolutionizes the way wastewater is treated in the world in a passive, 100% biological and autonomous way.

The self-reliance, first quality of the technology is ensured by a 3m long polyethylene pipe created to optimize the development of a bacterial flora allowing the degradation of pollutants present in domestic wastewater ensuring the release & the revalorization of a healthy water for the good of our ecosystem.

Designed in 1987 to provide a sustainable solution and an alternative to rudimentary and conventional installations, the pipe allows the distribution, treatment and infiltration of wastewater in one step. The water treatment is done by aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that settle on the perimeter of the perforated pipes in the heart of the System O)) solutions. Both types of bacteria feed on the pollutants in the water and are self-regulating to prevent the biomass from growing too large and requiring disposal.

Treatment without electricity, without noise and without any smell
  • No pump or motor required, silent and works without electricity;
  • Installation does not require special tools or chemicals;
  • Ventilation through the system is controlled and expelled by atmospheric pressure differential..
Treatment without continuous maintenance
  • No replacement of bacteriological support (peat moss, sand, or other substrate);
  • No repair of failed or obsolete mechanical parts;
  • No waste discharge (sludge).
Natural treatment
  • Biological process by which aerobic and anaerobic bacteria treat wastewater;
  • The process facilitates the regeneration of microorganisms and is perfectly adapted to climatic and usage variations.
Hassle-free treatment

Whatever the circumstances of your environment, we have the green, cost-effective and long-lasting solution for all geographical and climatic situations.

Residential developments
Base camps
Accommodations (hotel, motel)
Roadside stops
Seasonal applications
Agrifoods industries

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