System sand

by | May 1, 2023

What role does system sand have in a System O))?

DBO International answers this question and more in its InfoDBO. The DBO International team, in collaboration with DBO Expert, is proud to develop System O)) solutions around the world!

Although Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes are at the core of the purifying performance of System O)) installations, system sand (filter sand) also plays an important role in its success. To help you understand this role and the required criteria for a System O)) installation, DBO International is sharing a description of the different parameters to respect.

System sand controls the speed at which the water flows out of the Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes. This slower flow rate caused by the sand makes its very good at extracting minute particles from the water by filtration, but also allows sufficient retention time for microorganisms in the pipes to assimilate pollutants.The purpose of this article is to clearly explain the importance of each of these characteristics, criteria and conditions that must be respected to ensure the optimal functioning of System O)) solutions.

More information is available in this InfoDBO: System sand.