The benefits of becoming a distributor

by | Apr 29, 2024

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive portfolio of marketing tools, designed to support you in effectively marketing System O)) solutions. As a partner, you have access to top-notch technical training, rooted in our philosophy of ‘doing by getting done,’ while maintaining an already firmly established brand image. Additionally, you have the exclusive opportunity to benefit from tailored demonstration projects for your market, as well as on-the-ground support for initial installations.

By choosing DBO International, you become pioneers in your market, thereby contributing to the achievement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6, which aims to ensure sustainable access to sanitation services for all. Be at the forefront of a true revolution in the water sanitation market. This InfoDBO provides you with an in-depth exploration of all these benefits.


International is an undisputed reference in the market, with a legacy of 25 years of experience in wastewater management. This long history reflects our unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life for all, by adhering to natural and ecological principles to preserve and promote the well-being of our planet.

Our mission is clear: to create and deploy wastewater treatment and reuse solutions that combine innovation, environmental respect, and adaptability to all situations, anywhere in the world. By becoming an ally of DBO International, you automatically benefit from the invaluable advantage of a firmly established reputation in the market. You have access to personalized technical support and marketing assistance, enabling you to position yourself confidently and successfully in your region. Unity is strength! Let’s work together for a future where water is managed sustainably and the quality of life is improved for all.


Our marketing tools provide you with a range of resources to effectively promote our products and enhance your company’s image. Starting with our “Brand Image Guide,” a valuable detailed document that outlines the guidelines and standards to maintain brand consistency for both our company and yours. This is an essential tool to ensure that all visual elements and messages communicated by your company consistently reflect our values, personality, and visual identity. Additionally, this guide includes practical tips, promotional items, as well as official documents related to warranties, certifications, and accreditations.

Furthermore, our Cloud is packed with marketing and communication tools, offering easy access to a variety of resources such as brochures, writing templates, and various presentation tools such as exhibition booths, roll-up banners, flags, posters, etc. We provide you with high-quality professional photography, graphic design, and promotional videos resources, as well as visual aids to illustrate our solutions in a captivating manner

As a DBO International partner, you will have privileged access to the “Pro Zone” space where you will find different guides such as the System O)) user guide and best practices guide, the System O)) design guide, the System O)) installation guide, and the information gathering guide, providing you with all the information necessary to excel in your field.

We understand the importance of customizing each marketing tool to perfectly reflect your company’s identity. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to fine-tune each of these tools to match your image at any time. A dedicated resource is available to meet this specific need, ensuring that your promotional material is in perfect alignment with your company and business objectives.


Our approach is based on the concept of “doing by getting done,” where we encourage our partners to delegate certain tasks while preserving the integrity of our brand image. In other words, this means that we provide you with the tools, resources, and support necessary for you to successfully carry out your projects while adhering to our established standards of quality and visual identity.

As a new distributor, you will receive on-site support during the initial installations. Our experienced teams will be there to guide and assist you, ensuring that each installation proceeds smoothly and meets the required standards.

Even before starting the installation, you will have access to comprehensive technical support. From creating plans to establishing quotes, and providing turnkey budget proposals, we provide you with all the tools needed to plan and execute your project with precision and efficiency.

Furthermore, our technical guides are available to you at all times to answer any questions and provide you with the information you may need. Whether it’s practical advice or detailed instructions, we are here to support you at every step of your journey as a distributor.


As part of our program in your territory, we provide you with a small system that allows you to showcase the purifying performance of our solutions directly in your own geographical environment. This approach gives you a significant advantage in your region, as you will be able to demonstrate the tangible benefits of our technology to your potential clients. There is nothing more persuasive than seeing the results firsthand, which enhances your credibility and persuasive ability

By becoming a distributor, you also contribute to the achievement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6, which aims to ensure sustainable access to sanitation services for all. By participating in this initiative, you can play a crucial role in promoting ecological and sustainable sanitation practices in your community. To learn more about our commitment to United Nations Goal 6, we invite you to refer to our dedicated InfoDBO on this topic: Taking action for United Nations sustainable development goal « 6 »


Becoming a distributor with DBO International opens the doors to a myriad of unparalleled benefits. Rest assured, you’ll enjoy professional and readily available support, guiding you every step of the way. Take your place at the forefront of a market revolution, where innovation is constant, and we consistently position ourselves as pioneers in our field.

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