System O)) now in the Middle-East

by | Dec 17, 2021

DBO International has the pleasure of welcoming an important player to its team: Aquabiostep Water Treatment Equipment Trading LLC.

Directly from Dubai, where the World Expo 2020 is currently underway, DBO International has just included a strategic member to its large family, and this, in the very heart of the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East.

Meriem BOUSHAKI BESTANI, a lawyer passionate about solutions contributing to sustainable development, crossed paths with DBO’s President, Benoit BOUCHER, nearly 4 years ago and has been accompanying the company in its international expansion ever since.

In fact, involved with the Quebec teams on a daily basis, and attending monthly meetings with all members of the DBO network worldwide, Meriem became fascinated with the operation of System O)) and its results as well as the possibilities of water reuse. She naturally became an advocate of this ecological solution.

Fully convinced and with the expertise acquired over the years, she established Aquabiostep Water Treatment Equipment Trading LLC, and took the step to finally take the torch and make a real contribution to the preservation of the Environment.

Aquabiostep and its experienced professionals will now work with the DBO International team to offer System O)) solutions to government institutions as well as private and residential commercial buildings in the United Arab Emirates and the region.

Moreover, the pilot project System O)) installed in the public park of “Al Nahda Pound Park”, is working to the total satisfaction of the Dubai Municipality, with purification results largely in conformity with the strict treatment standards required by the Emirate.

Indeed, the System O)) installation, which is directly connected to the septic tank of the park’s sanitary block, not only simultaneously treats the grey & black wastewater of the public toilets, but also allows the recovery of this treated water and its use to irrigate the surrounding green areas.

The park now has a garden that is automatically irrigated by System O)) ‘s treated water without the need for any fertilizer. For more information on this pilot installation, please contact AquaBioStep or DBO International.

With the Dubai emirate placing a high value on the environment, there is no doubt that a passive and autonomous wastewater treatment solution such as System O)), which requires no energy, no maintenance and no chemical additions, will be of great benefit to the country in its various impressive and ambitious development plans.

DBO International and AquaBioStep are working together to plan their participation in the great 2020 Dubai Expo which lasts until April 2022 and includes a complete environmental district with the most advanced technologies in the world.

AquaBioStep is already expanding its horizons and will also cover the other Gulf markets being Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Follow the activities of AquaBioStep on its website: and also on social networks.