by | Nov 12, 2021

Founded in 2012, DBO Expert France will celebrate its 10th anniversary in the coming months.

Exclusive distributor of the System O)) solutions since its beginnings, the company is being very successful in France.

Our French partner has a team of 11 people including a general manager, a logistics manager, a technical manager, a sales manager, and sales representatives, covering all regions of France.

With its experience in individual and semi-collective sanitation industry, DBO Expert France assists various players in the industry: distributors, installers, design offices, SPANC, etc.

System O)), a wide range of solutions using Advanced Enviro)) Septic technology, is aimed just as much at individual sanitation solutions for individuals but also for semi-collective sectors such as housing estates, hamlets, campsites, lodges, restaurants, castles, party halls, rest areas of highways, etc.

In a process of quality and performance monitoring, DBO Expert France wanted to go beyond the process of granting ministerial approval and obtained a Technical Opinion – DTA n ° 17.1 / 18-333_V2.1 in June 2021 for the entire Enviro range)) Drained and undrained septic tank.

To date, Enviro)) Septic is the only non-collective sanitation sector to have obtained ministerial approval and technical advice in treatment and direct infiltration through the soil in France.

To learn more about our partner DBO Expert France, feel free to consult its solutions proposal and achievements in individual and semi-collective sanitation. For any request regarding your projects, do not hesitate to contact DBO Expert France and visit their Website here :