History of transparency on warranties

by | Mar 28, 2024

In the arena of septic systems, company warranty promises are often traps intended to blindside consumers. They offer warranties on elements such as filter sand or performance, but in reality, these promises require thorough contextualization and explanation.
For example, the warranty on filter sand is often voided by shifting blame onto suppliers, and performance warranty is pointless as all systems must adhere to prevailing standards. These companies capitalize on consumer ignorance to sell their products under false pretenses.
Our company provides facts, figures, and statistics supporting the effectiveness of our products, backed by reputable certifications. The only warranty we offer regarding our technology relies on the strength and quality of our already provided pipelines and components. Thanks to the simplicity and absence of mechanical parts or replacement of filter media, no maintenance is necessary, and durability strictly depends on proper installation and use compliance. This InfoDBO transparently explains every aspect of warranties in the market.


System O)) components come with a manufacturer’s 20-year warranty. The technology, the simplest on the market, requires no other component than filter sand to function effectively in the biological process. This technology has undergone rigorous testing on multiple test benches, earning certifications and approvals attesting to its efficiency. However, the crucial aspect to guarantee lies in the strength of the polyethylene. Indeed, according to academic doctrine, the materials used in the manufacture of our technology are estimated to have a lifespan of approximately 200 years before any significant degradation. Additionally, the filter media surrounding the pipeline, made up of fine green particles, is permanent and requires no replacement.


Filter sand surrounds the pipelines and enables proper water treatment so that it can safely infiltrate into nature or be recovered for appropriate reuse. Only a particle size distribution provided by a laboratory can guarantee the quality of the filter sand. We already require installers to meet this particle size distribution for all System O)) installations. This essentially means that the responsibility for ensuring quality filter sand lies with sand suppliers, such as sand pits or quarries. Promising a warranty in years for filter sand is purely illusory, especially when considering that sand does not deteriorate over time.

For informational purposes, here are the mandatory filter sand criteria for all System O)) installations:

  • Nominal diameter or D10, which corresponds to the diameter of particles when 10% of the sand has passed through standard sieves used for particle size analysis. It must be between 0.2 and 1.0 mm.
  • Uniformity coefficient or Cu is an indicator of the spread of sand particle sizes. It corresponds to the ratio of D60/D10 (diameter of particles at 60% passing / diameter of particles at 10% passing). It must be less than or equal to 6.
  • The percentage of fine particles with a diameter less than 80 um (0.08 mm) must be less than or equal to 3%.
  • The percentage of particles with a diameter greater than 2.5 mm must be less than or equal to 20%.

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Most ecological wastewater treatment technologies utilize a biological treatment process, meaning a place where bacteria can establish, feed on pollutants in the water, and reproduce. Bacteria metabolize pollutants to create sludge in anaerobic mode. For some technologies, these places that promote bacterial proliferation, called filter media, require maintenance and additional costs for replacement.

The fine green particles around the pipelines that allow bacterial proliferation are permanent. The system requires no replacement of filter media or components, and no cleaning is required. The technology has existed since 1987. We see systems installed over 35 years ago that are still functional, in perfect condition, and treating wastewater with the same efficiency as when they were first installed. Why? Two phenomena contribute to this long lifespan: the controlled growth of a bacterial mat (‘biomat’) due to aeration and water treatment before infiltration, and natural sludge management within the pipes. Those scientifically inclined among you can refer to the InfoDBO: Sludge explaining these biological mechanisms. Although all water treatment systems produce minerals/sludge, only System O)) will reintroduce them harmoniously into nature’s cycles. Therefore, a warranty against fouling is unnecessary because it doesn’t exist!

Did you know? In Quebec, Canada, after inspecting all systems installed over a period of 21 years, less than 1% showed a high water level in the pipes. This 1% may result from either non-compliance with construction standards, improper installation not in accordance with the installation guide, or use that does not comply with the user guide (such as the use of inappropriate or chemical products, etc.), and not from an accumulation of sludge requiring cleaning. These results mean that the owners of these installations did not incur any expenses to repair parts or replace any media. To learn more, explore our InfoDBO: Enduring Installation – Best Practices for Systainable Treatment


The technology has undergone rigorous testing processes to ensure the quality of treatment. The results obtained exceed established norms and standards. By following the recommendations of the user guide, the system will always maintain its optimal performance.

In this perspective, the warranty of the product takes precedence over the presumed performance warranty. Indeed, a defective, outdated, or regularly maintained product can quickly lose its purifying effectiveness. That’s why a solid product warranty, combined with adherence to good system usage practices, particularly by following the guidelines in the user manual, provides the best guarantee in all aspects.


Transparency, reliability, and commitment to customer satisfaction should guide the choice of a septic system provider. Opting for a company that offers honest warranties and sustainable solutions ensures long-term peace of mind for homeowners. It is imperative to remain vigilant; the reality is that these warranties can often be hollow and not provide the expected protection in case of problems. System O)) solutions, when designed, installed, and used according to the guidelines, are durable and effective, while preserving the health of everyone and the environment!

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