History of transparency on warranties

by | Mar 28, 2024

In the arena of septic systems, company warranty promises are often traps intended to blindside consumers. They offer warranties on elements such as filter sand or performance, but in reality, these promises require thorough contextualization and explanation.

For example, the warranty on filter sand is often voided by shifting blame onto suppliers, and performance warranty is pointless as all systems must adhere to prevailing standards. These companies capitalize on consumer ignorance to sell their products under false pretenses.

Our company provides facts, figures, and statistics supporting the effectiveness of our products, backed by reputable certifications. The only warranty we offer regarding our technology relies on the strength and quality of our already provided pipelines and components. Thanks to the simplicity and absence of mechanical parts or replacement of filter media, no maintenance is necessary, and durability strictly depends on proper installation and use compliance. This InfoDBO transparently explains every aspect of warranties in the market.

Here is the infoDBO – History of transparency on warranties