Removal of nitrogen from wastewater (denitrification)

by | Jan 8, 2024

The efficient removal of nitrogen from wastewater is a crucial imperative, driven by major concerns related to environmental preservation and public health protection. Nitrogen, in the form of nitrates and ammonia, exerts a significant influence on aquatic ecosystems and can pose serious risks to fauna, flora, and even human health.

In this InfoDBO, we will explore the essential reasons why the elimination of nitrogen from wastewater has become an undeniable priority, highlighting the environmental implications and potential threats to public health. We will also examine key biological processes, such as nitrification and  denitrification, which play a central role in wastewater treatment to eliminate nitrogen, before concluding on the crucial importance of recirculation in this process, particularly in the context of solutions proposed by DBO International.

Here is the infoDBORemoval of nitrogen from wastewater (denitrification)