by | Sep 1, 2023

The reuse of domestic wastewater, also known as recycled water or reclaimed water, is a practice that involves treating wastewater from households, industries, or other sources to make it suitable for subsequent use in various non-potable applications. This helps conserve freshwater resources, enhance water use efficiency, and alleviate stress on drinking water sources.

It’s important to note that the water treatment for reuse varies based on the requirements of each application. Some uses might demand more extensive treatment than others to ensure that the recycled water meets quality standards and poses no risk to health and the environment.

The reuse of domestic wastewater is a sustainable approach gaining popularity in many regions worldwide where the availability of freshwater is limited or when managing water demand becomes a significant concern.

That’s why, in addition to properly treating your domestic wastewater, DBO International also proposes reusing it to give this water a second life.

Here is the infoDBO – Short guide on reuse.