by | Jan 31, 2023

Why is there no accumulation of sludge in the technology at the core of System O)) solutions ?

We’ve been saying it for years: System O)) systems based on Advanced Enviro))Septic (AES) technology that were designed, installed and used in compliance to our guides are durable and long-lasting. This technology has existed since 1987. The original systems installed over 30 years ago are still functional, in perfect condition and still treat wastewater with the same efficiency. Two phenomena explain the long lifespan associated with AES technology: the controlled proliferation of a bacteria layer known as a « biomat » due to aeration and the treatment of wastewater before it infiltrates into the system sand and natural management of sludge inside the pipes. For the evacuation of septic sludge inside the pipes, many different biological mechanisms pertinent to AES technology allow us to explain this phenomenon.

More explanation through this InfoDBO : Sludge